With us, every coffee bean has a face.
Kaffee mit Herz

With us, every coffee bean has a face

We will give coffee a face. And that goes like this: If you come to our numerous events, you can meet the coffee farmers in person since we will invite them to Switzerland.

With us, the coffee producer is not only at the beginning of a processing and sales chain, but he or she will be a partner at every step. As a result, farmers will learn to understand our coffee culture in order to better implement the customer's desire for sustainability. Farmers will also present their social projects, which are supported by the purchase of their coffee, and projects that promote better infrastructure on plantations. Furthermore, at the RÖSTWERK, coffee connoisseurs are invited to exchange ideas directly with the coffee producers.

That's what we call 100% direct trade with a close relationship between producer and consumer.

Our strategy aims at producing according to the „third wave of coffee“.

Third wave of coffee

The third wave of coffee manifests itself amongst others through the direct procurement of high-quality beans and single-origin coffee. Thereby, using alternative processes for coffee preparation such as vacuumed coffee and the ‘Hario V60’. However, we take things just that little bit further due to the close relationship with the farmer and client. We manage to bring together what belongs together.

direct trade from Honduras

The Coffee Trade Place

We don’t claim to be competitors to the other roasting houses, possessing the beans or the best roasting house, purely because each roasting house has its own unique way of refining. The same coffee bean is used, but what is released is an unbelievable, aromatic diversified taste. Rather we see ourselves as a market place, a place where coffee producers and processors can meet, exchange their ideas and work together. The coffee farmers we present have a lot more coffee than we are able to process so instead we deliver the farmers the opportunity to sell their product, in bulk, and at a fair price, which in turn also benefits us. Doing things this way makes it possible to drastically reduce transportation costs. We introduce our farmers to other roasting houses for so that they can be used in their marketing and events.


A special coffee is the calling card for SME’s and large corporations, as well as for cafés and all gastronomy business.

We deliver our coffee to wherever the consumption is desired. However, we do this according to the sustainability, quality, Direct-Trade and the proximity of the coffee farmer. We deliberately distance ourselves from industrial, large roasting houses. Why? Well in just 90 seconds they are able to roast several hundred kilos of coffee, this results in a loss of the precious aromas. We keep our drum roaster at a low heat so that the roasting process takes place over a longer period of time. The act of doing these means that we are able to win the smell, the aromas from the green coffee beans. This results in a coffee, which is not only digestible, but also guaranteed high quality.

We also create custom- made mixtures (in-House coffee) to allocate individual preferences, whether in small or great amounts. It would be our pleasure to advise you!

Coffee beans from Honduras

Our coffee beans

The come mainly from Honduras, a country, which is has the ideal conditions for coffee growing. The climate and the lush vegetation clearly play their role in this.

Cultivation area

Honduras offers five different regions, which excel in wonderful coffee consumption; our top beans are from Marcala and Copán. These two regions couldn’t be different, for whereas the region Copán provides beans with a fruity taste, those from Marcala tend to be more acidic.


This Region is among the best in the world for where aromatic coffee is produced. The municipality of La Paz is situated in the Montecillos region of Honduaras, in Central America. This is where Arabica coffee is cultivated at a height between 1300m and 1800m above sea-level, a real highland coffee at an apt price. The destination, Café Marcala, was the first to be registered in Honduras and Central America. Since its establishment and going into operation in 2005, this high quality coffee enjoys special protection. Belonging to the various coffee cultivations are Catuai, Borboun, Pacas and Caturra.


More information comming soon.

Coffee farmer

We select our coffee producers according to our own criteria, to best market their products in Switzerland. One criterion is that no child-labour is used and that they possess the necessary certification. We receive additional support by our local head-hunter team, who find the suitable candidate according to our prerequisites. Although we are regularly in the country, it takes two years of intensive accompanying in order for the suitable coffee farmer is found, who suits our marketing strategy. It is just not part of our strategy to quickly buy a bag of beans.

the team behind Röstwerk

Karla Salgado de Ollesch | projectleader


„I was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1970. From the age of 5, I moved to Germany and grew up in the city of Essen. I have been living with my family in Switzerland since 2003. I have been back to visit my family in Honduras on many occasions. However, in the past two years, I have had the opportunity to have close contact with coffee producers and then get involved in the coffee business.“

Boris Ollesch | Marketing


„In 1968 I came into the world. From the age of 6 Karla (see above) was my playmate. We got married and we are the proud parents of three children. All three children have finished their schooling and are fully qualified in the career and are fully independent. When I lived in Germany,I learned the trade of plastering and in Switzerland I have became qualified as a technical commercial manager. I therefore have the good basis to undertake new tasks and especially now due to the fact the children have now left home.“

Roger Neifeind | Crowdfunding


„I am involved in the field of IT throughout Switzerland. It was by pure coincidence that I paths crossed. Over a wonderful meal, Boris and Karla told me about their project and that the next stage was to gain the financing. I have gained a lot of experience with crowdfunding, so I told them that through the contacts I have, I would like to pass on the information about their brilliant project. Without having to think twice, I was assigned the position of Crowdfunding advisor. We meet on a weekly basis to see to it that the funding is in place, for the project to begin. It is really exciting to work with them.“

Arlyn und Juri Rivera | Headhunters in Honduras

They are a young well-coordinated team and enjoy our full trust. They are responsible for the valuation of companies and land. They get the chance to meet with many coffee producers and being able to help them carry out investment. Due to the fact that Röstwerk has an urgent need, they really want to support it. They will keep a watchful eye ensuring that the dispatch runs smoothly. It’s a great pleasure to work with them.

Kira Heer | Adviser & supporter

Her passion is coffee. They have creating amazing coffee for the past five years in their roasting house in Thun, Switzerland. We got to meet them there and really treasured this. When a Honduran came to visit and saw them, he was so impressed to personally meet such a producer, this triggered the idea of our project. From this moment on, Kira has been there ready to offer all help at hand, including offering support for the roasting.


We strongly encourage you to meet her and enjoy a tasty coffee, wonderful homemade cakes, salads and soups, which freshly made every day.

Rösterei Kira Heer, Frutigenstrasse 5, 3600 Thun, www.roestereiheer.ch